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Date News
21.08.2023 Stellenausschreibung: Wiss. Koordinator*innen für Friedens-, Konflikt- und Sicherheitsforschung (2x, 100%, Augsburg/München)
03.08.2023 Interview with Jan Sändig - Kein Frieden ohne Konflikt?
01.08.2023 Recent Coup in Niger - Interview with Dr. Adam Sandor
29.06.2023 July 05: Bayreuther Stadtgespräche - Colonial Bayreuth
29.06.2023 July 05: Talk by Prof. Dr. Stephen Brown (University of Ottawa)
29.06.2023 Defense ceremony of Barbara Gruber's PhD thesis
12.06.2023 Invitation – Keynote by Navnita Chadha Behera (21st June, Bayreuth)
12.06.2023 June 13 & 27: On violence - Invitation to the Sociology colloquium and get-together
09.06.2023 Call for Applications: Student Assistant “INFRAGLOB”
09.06.2023 Call for Applications: Student Assistant “Conflicts.Meanings.Transitions”, Chair for Sociology of Africa
30.05.2023 Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke at Symposium for Peace & Conflict Research at Bavarian Parliament
26.05.2023 The chair for Sociology of Africa @ 14th European Summer School for the Anthropology of Development and Social Dynamics (in Bayreuth)
22.05.2023 Shattered hope: The conflict in Sudan.
27.04.2023 PhD position (m/f/d) available (DFG-funded)
24.04.2023 June 2023: Workshop 'Development Beyond Aid' in Bayreuth
24.04.2023 New book edited by Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke, Dr. Eric Cezne, and Yifan Yang
27.03.2023 June 2023: The chair for Sociology of Africa at the 'African Futures' European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) in Cologne
02.03.2023 Call for Papers: EISA Konferenz (Sept. 2023)
20.02.2023 February 22-23: Conference "Africa's Mobility Struggles"
20.02.2023 Report: Bavarian Peace and Conflict Research Networking Workshop in Augsburg (February 2-3, 2023)
16.02.2023 Report on Bayreuth Peace Talks on 26 January: "11 Months of War Against Ukraine"
24.01.2023 Jan. 26: Bayreuther Peace Talks: "11 Monate Krieg gegen die Ukraine" (11 Months of War Against Ukraine)
10.01.2023 18th January: Talk by Dr. Nina Reiners
09.01.2023 A highlight of 2022: Report & Pictures of the Roundtable in Bayreuth in October
14.12.2022 Call for papers - ECAS 2023 "Is the developmental state back? How post-neoliberal extractivism reshapes social contracts in Africa"
12.12.2022 Participation of Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke in the conference ‘Die Deutsch-Französische Afrikapolitik im Zeichen der Zeitenwende/’Franco-German Africa Policy at the Turning Point'
01.12.2022 „Contested Security Arrangements of Mega Infrastructures in Africa”: Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke presented at the BICC International Conference 2022
07.11.2022 Dr. Maria Ketzmerick: New Publication
04.11.2022 Nov. 10: Roundtable (Munich): „The Russian War Against Ukraine: What remains of Germany's 'pacifism'?“
03.11.2022 Nov. 7: Talk with Prof. Shahar Hameiri (University of Queensland): "Fractured China"
02.11.2022 Nov 28-29.: Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke @KonKoop Young Researchers' Workshop "Peace and Conflict Research in Eastern Europe post-2022: Methods and Ethical Dilemmas"
27.10.2022 Workgroup "Communities of Practice Revisited": Call for Participation
27.10.2022 Dr. Maria Ketzmerick at Symposium of Millennium Journal of International Studies
22.10.2022 New blog article of Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke and Lisa Skender
20.10.2022 Report from 1st Think Lab of the network "Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace & Conflict" in Freiburg
07.10.2022 Oct. 25: Roundtable & launch of the new Peace and Conflict Research Network @Bayreuth: Crises of our times – what answers do Peace and Conflict Studies offer?
05.10.2022 First "Think Lab" of the network "Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace & Conflict" in Freiburg
01.10.2022 Welcome to the winter semester! / Courses
28.09.2022 Jan Sändig is member of a new DFG network on Environmental Peacebuilding
22.09.2022 Introducing our new colleagues: Dr. Adam Sandor & Büşra Üner
20.09.2022 New Post-Doc position in the project "Deutungskämpfe im Übergang" (Interpretative Struggles in Times of Transition)
14.09.2022 Book chapter by Maria Ketzmerick published
12.07.2022 New Postdoc Working Group "Communities of Practice" approved
30.06.2022 Acceptance of two articles for publication
28.06.2022 "Africa's Multiple Globalities": Forthcoming Presentation by Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke
17.06.2022 Dr.in Maria Ketzmerick at BISA Conference (Newcastle)
07.06.2022 Official launch of BMBF-network “Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace and Conflict” ("Hierarchies") on June 8th 2022 within the VAD conference
03.06.2022 Colloquium with Dr. Thomas McNamara on June 7th 2022
19.05.2022 Workshop of the Postdoc Working Group, together with Prof. Dr. Chih-yu Shih, National Taiwan University
19.05.2022 PD Dr. Florian Kühn at Workshop of Bavarian Initiative for Peace and Conflict Research
27.04.2022 Conference on Epistemic Hierarchies and Knowledge Production in the Global South
19.04.2022 Start of the research project Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace and Conflict
19.04.2022 Welcome back to the new summer semester!
09.03.2022 Two new large-scale projects on peace and conflict research at the University of Bayreuth
22.02.2022 Workshop: Production Chains and Security Apparatuses: On the Intersections of Value and Violence in the 21st Century
07.02.2022 Apply now for Summer School at University of Bayreuth: China-Africa Entanglements
07.02.2022 Roundtable on 7th of February: Coups d états in West Africa
12.01.2022 New Publication by Jana Hönke and Eric Cezne: The multiple meanings and uses of South-South relations in extraction
22.12.2021 Call for Applications for Student Assistants
22.12.2021 Call for applications: PhD position in Decolonializing Humanitarianism
20.12.2021 Call for Applications: PhD Position Global Political Sociology
20.12.2021 Call for Applications: PostDoc Position
04.11.2021 New Publication: Forum on Race and racism in critical security studies
03.11.2021 Office hours of Prof. Hönke in the winter semester
18.10.2021 Welcome back to the new winter semester!
15.10.2021 Global Sociology & Politics Colloquium
23.09.2021 Call for Applications for a Student Assistant
16.09.2021 Registration for the courses in winter semester 2021
06.09.2021 Announcement EISA Annual Confernce: 13.-17. September 2021
06.09.2021 Announcement DVPW Annual Conference 14.-16. September 2021
06.09.2021 Call for Applications: 2022-2023 International Fellowships
26.07.2021 New publication by Jan Sändig: "Contesting large-scale land acquisitions in the Global South"
20.07.2021 Office hour Prof. Hönke
12.07.2021 Cluster Conference "Africa*n Relations: Modalities Reflected"
21.06.2021 Invitation to public talk by Tom Ogwang on Resource-Financed Infrastructure in Uganda
10.06.2021 Public Talk by Juniorprofessor Dr. Alexander Stroh-Steckelberg June 28th 2021 at 1pm
08.06.2021 Public talk by Joschka Philipps -- Chasing Shadows: Conspiracism and political imagination in postcolonial Guinea
25.05.2021 Call for Abstracts: "Transnational activism within the Global South" Panel proposal for the ISA 2022, Nashville
25.05.2021 Call for Collaboration – Prime Scholarship for Postdocs
18.05.2021 Call for applications Visiting Lectureship/Guest Professorship at the Cluster of Excellence "Contestations of the Liberal Script" (SCRIPTS)
18.05.2021 AKHF Seminar Series: Maria Ketzmerick will contribute with presentation
12.05.2021 Welcoming guest speaker Prof. Natewinde Sawadogo in MA seminar Transnational Professionals and Communities of Practice.
11.05.2021 Talk by Dr. Maria Ketzmerick at Kolloqium Soziologie Summer Semester 2021
14.04.2021 Eric Cezne successfully defended PhD Defence
14.04.2021 Book Launch 'Brazil-Africa Relations in the 21st century'
12.04.2021 Welcome to the Summer Term 2021
07.04.2021 Talk by Jana Hönke at the event ‘Partnering with business to promote human security and the SDGs: comparative experiences’
07.04.2021 Course registration summer term
29.03.2021 Call for Applications: Two PhD Positions in the Junior Research Group ‘The political economy of monetary and economic sovereignty in West Africa compared’
17.03.2021 Eric Ceznes published Dissertation "Assembling the South-South Through Extraction"
08.03.2021 Postdoc Working Group "Non-Western Actors and Security/Development Practices in Africa: Analyzing the Multiple Relational Processes Shaping Epistemologies on the Ground " receives funding by Africa Multiple
05.03.2021 Dr. Alžběta Šváblová receives Postdoc Scholarship
22.02.2021 Talk by Obert Hodzi: African Political Elites and the Making(s) of the China Model in Africa
17.02.2021 Book Launch Maria Ketzmerick
15.02.2021 Exam Registration open till March 31rd 2021
28.01.2021 Call for Applications - Student Assistant
12.01.2021 Call for Applications – Student Assistants (20h or 40h/month) for the ERC-INFRAGLOB project, Chair for Sociology of Africa
23.12.2020 Happy Holidays and a Good Start of the New Year
16.12.2020 New mailing list ASP-KuWi-UBT
30.11.2020 Upcoming public event with Prof. Dr. Marc Matten on Confucian political philosophy and world order conceptions in 20th-century China
26.11.2020 Upcoming Event Sociology colloqium
18.11.2020 Infrastructure Globalities: The Remaking of Transnational Practices in Africa
31.10.2020 Farewell to Dr. Sarah Katz-Lavigne
01.10.2020 FAQs on the 2020/2021 winter semester in times of COVID-19
01.10.2020 Welcome events for 2020/2021 winter semester
01.10.2020 Registration for winter semester 2020/2021 - Enrollment has already started!
21.09.2020 Sociology of Africa Chair Group - Digital Public Lecture 7 October 2020
26.08.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Katz-Lavigne for receiving an Insight Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada!
21.07.2020 Oct. 2020 autumn School for PhD candidates on "Fieldwork meets Crisis"
01.07.2020 The Sociology of Africa chair group welcomes Dr. Jan Sändig to the team!
10.06.2020 Upcoming event: Book launch of Doing fieldwork in areas of international intervention: A guide to research in violent and closed contexts
08.06.2020 Alžběta Šváblová has successfully defended her dissertation!
25.03.2020 Dr Florian Stoll and Dr. Philip Smith have been successful in their application for a Fellowship of the University of Bayreuth Centre of International Excellence “Alexander von Humboldt“
03.03.2020 Publication of the first book in the Bristol University Press book series Spaces of Peace Security and Development
11.02.2020 Vereinigung für Afrikawissenschaften in Deutschland (VAD) Call for Papers from 02/01/20 to 15/03/20
07.02.2020 Alzbeta Svablova's office hours in February and March
03.02.2020 The Sociology of Africa chair group welcomes Frau Romina Hazzard to the team!
23.01.2020 Dr. Sarah Katz-Lavigne has successfully defended her PhD!
20.01.2020 The Sociology of Africa chair group welcomes Yifan Mia Yang, M.A. to the team!
14.01.2020 Job Advertisement: Postdoctoral Researcher (m/f/d)
21.11.2019 Looking for an "Akademische/r Rat/Rätin auf Zeit"
23.10.2019 Introductory Session of the Lecture "Governance and Conflict in Spaces of (Large-Scale) Extraction"

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