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Adam Sandor Adam Sandor
Adam Sandor

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
Department of Sociology

Dr. Adam Sandor holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Ottawa. His research examines the governance of non-traditional security threats such as terrorism, drug trafficking, money-laundering, and violent extremism in Africa. More recently, his research has explored the politics of rebel governance in the Sahel. He has published in several leading academic journals such as International Affairs, Security Dialogue, Journal of Global Security Studies, Civil Wars, and the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. For the past three years, Dr. Sandor worked as Adam Smith International's Research Lead supporting the United Kingdom's Conflict, Security, and Stability Fund stabilisation activities in central and northeast Mali. He has provided expert testimony to the Government of Canada’s Department of Public Safety, the Department of Security of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom’s Border Force, and the Sector East Command of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). Adam's research currently examines the politics of South-South cooperation in transnational security initiatives and stabilisation interventions on the continent that attempt to counter the rise of armed Islamist insurgencies.


Adam Sandor

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
Department of Sociology

Selected Publications:

Sandor, Adam. 2020. “The Power of Rumour(s) in International Interventions: MINUSMA’s management of Mali’s Rumour Mill.” International Affairs 96(4): 913-934.

Malejacq, Romain, and Adam Sandor. 2020. “Sahelistan? The Risks and Politics of Comparing Afghanistan and Mali’s Armed Conflicts.” Civil Wars 22(4): 543-566.

Sandor, Adam, and Aurélie Campana. 2018. “Les groupes djihadistes maliens, acteurs de la gouvernance local.” Canadian Journal of African Studies 53(3): 415-430.

Hameiri, Shahar, Lee Jones, and Adam Sandor. 2018. “Security Governance and the Politics of State Transformation: Moving from Description to Explanation.” Journal of Global Security Studies 3(4): 463-482.

Frowd, Philippe M., and Adam Sandor. 2018. “Militarism and its Limits: Sociological Insights on Security Assemblages in the Sahel.” Security Dialogue 49(1-2): 70-82.

Sandor, Adam. 2016. “Border Security and Drug-Trafficking in Senegal: Global Security Assemblages and AIRCOP.” Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 10(4): 490-512.
Adam Sandor

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
Department of Sociology



Sandor, Adam
Elite Bargains and Political Deals in Mali's Transition
London, UK, : Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, 2021


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Sandor, Adam
Turning point? Mali's potential dialogue with Jihadists
in Bulletin FrancoPaix volume 5 (2020) issue 2. - page 7-9
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Gelot, Linnéa; Sandor, Adam
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Sandor, Adam
Institutions for Peace in Mali : Learning from Peacebuilding in Niger
Montréal, 2019
https://dandurand.uqam.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/ ...

Sandor, Adam; Campana, Aurélie
Les groupes djihadistes au Mali, entre violence, recherche de légitimité et politiques locales ...
in Canadian Journal of African Studies = Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines volume 53 (2019) issue 3. - page 415-430
doi:10.1080/00083968.2019.1667838 ...

Charbonneau, Bruno; Sandor, Adam
Power and Comparative Methods : Performing the Worlds of Armed Conflict
in Civil Wars volume 21 (2019) issue 4. - page 437-447
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Abrahamsen, Rita; Sandor, Adam
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Frowd, Philippe M.; Sandor, Adam
Militarism and its limits : Sociological insights on security assemblages in the Sahel
in Security Dialogue volume 49 (2018) issue 1-2. - page 70-82
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Shahar, Hameiri; Jones, Lee; Sandor, Adam
Security Governance and the Politics of State Transformation : Moving from Description to Expla ...
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Charbonneau, Bruno; Sandor, Adam; Sears, Jonathan
Stabiliser le Mali : Les Défis de la Résolution des Conflits
Montréal, 2018
https://base.afrique-gouvernance.net/docs/2018_06_ ...

Sandor, Adam
World Drug Day and Visual Rituals of Security in West Africa
Visual Security Studies : Sights and Spectacles of Insecurity and War
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Sandor, Adam
Insecurity, the Breakdown of Social Trust, and Armed Actor Governance in Central and Northern M ...
Montréal, 2017
https://numerique.banq.qc.ca/patrimoine/details/52 ...


Sandor, Adam
Making Things International 2 : Catalysts and Reactions
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 2016. - page 338-355

Sandor, Adam
Border Security and Drug Trafficking in Senegal : AIRCOP and Global Security Assemblages
in Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding volume 10 (2016) issue 4. - page 490-512
doi:10.1080/17502977.2016.1240425 ...

Sandor, Adam
Tightly Packed : Disciplinary Power, the UNODC, and the Container Control Programme in Dakar
in African Studies Review volume 59 (2016) issue 2. - page 133-160
doi:10.1017/asr.2016.33 ...

Adam Sandor

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
Department of Sociology

Adam Sandor
Research Associate

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