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Chair for Sociology of Africa - Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke

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Welcome to the Chair for Sociology of Africa

The Sociology of Africa chair group engages in internationally renowned research and teaching that centres on two themes: International Political Sociology from Africa, and Peace and Conflict Studies/Critical Security Studies.

The Chair for Sociology of Africa

      • Contributes to the development of International Political Sociology and the interdisciplinary focus on Africa in Bayreuth
      • At the interface of the Department of Sociology and of African Studies; participates in the Cluster of Excellence Africa Multiple.
      • Transdisciplinary work bridges International Political Sociology, International Relations, and political science with new theoretical, conceptual and methodological innovations.
      • Our International Political Sociology and Africa-specific expertise enriches the University of Bayreuth's interdisciplinary study programs (BA and MA Culture and Society of Africa, BA-Track and MA Sociology, MA Development Studies, BA Internationale Wirtschaft und Entwicklung, and MA Global History, among others).
      • Networking and cooperation with African colleagues and institutions includes a European Research Council (ERC) project with colleagues in Brazil, China, Mozambique and Tanzania.
      • Regional networking is linked to previous research in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, and South Africa.

      Recent Publications

        • Shih, C., & Bunskoek, R. (2020). Colonial rationality and its post-Chinese consequences: Japanese legacies in contemporary Taiwan's views on China. In C. Shih, P. Manomaivibool, M. Tanigaki, & S. Singh (Eds.), Colonial legacies and contemporary studies of China and Chineseness: Unlearning binaries, strategizing self (pp. 231-256). World Scientific Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1142/9789811212352_0010
        • Buss, D., Katz-Lavigne, S., Aluoka, O., & Alma, E. (2020). “Remember the women of Osiri”: women and gender in artisanal and small-scale mining in Migori County, Kenya. Canadian Journal of African Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/00083968.2019.1677483
        • Hönke, J. (2018). Transnational clientelism, global (resource) governance, and the disciplining of dissent. International Political Sociology, 12(2), 109–124. https://doi.org/10.1093/ips/oly007

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