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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Chair for Sociology in Africa - Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke

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AKHF Seminar Series: Maria Ketzmerick will contribute with presentation

Six Zoom Talks discussing "New Perspectives on Peace and Conflicts"

With this series of events, we aim to open up Historical Peace and Conflict Studies (HFKF) spatially, temporally, and thematically. The seminar series relates perspectives of HFKF to various fields of research that have generated fruitful discussions on the relationship between peace, conflict and violence in recent years: History of imperialism and decolonization, history of international law, migration studies, historical inequality studies, and research on gender in peace and conflict studies as well as on international organizations. What do their findings mean for the HFKF? And to what extent can the HFKF in turn open up new perspectives on these fields of research? These and other questions will be discussed in short opening statements and joint discussions.

Please consult the agenda for more information.

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