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Chair for Sociology in Africa - Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke

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Social Movements Workshop at the UBT (10 November)

Friday 10 November 2023 | University of Bayreuth and online

Graffiti - Sudanese revolutionary, victory symbol

From radical climate activism via land rights struggles to resistance against autocratic rulers – we are living through contested times. Noticing that many colleagues at the University of Bayreuth are working on such social contestations, we convene a one-day workshop. Under the umbrella of social movement research, we are interested in diverse topics, be it protest, resistance, contentious politics, radicalization, armed movements, and so on. The interdisciplinary meeting gathers colleagues from various research backgrounds, studying such struggles around the globe.

The workshop aims to provide an informal opportunity of presenting research, getting feedback, discussing timely issues, developing new ideas, and – perhaps most importantly – getting to know each other. We go for 30 minutes slots with a short presentation (10 minutes) and time for Q&A (20 minutes). Moreover, there will be space for continuing the discussion over lunch, coffee, and dinner.

The workshop is organized by Jan Sändig (Chair for Sociology of Africa) and Eylem Çamuroǧlu Çıǧ (Chair of Digital and Audiovisual Media/Media Studies), as part of the newly created UBT Peace and Conflict Research network.

If you are interested in participating (in presence or online) and for other inquiries, please contact: jan.saendig@uni-bayreuth.de

Featuring presentations by

  • Saskia Jaschek (BIGSAS): “Revolutionary struggles in the wake of the counterrevolution – Sudanese youth resisting the 2021 military coup d’état in Sudan”
  • Seyni Mamadou Ibrahim (BIGSAS): “Associations for inter-religious dialogue and the governance of religious plurality in Niger: towards a ‘contextual’ secularism”
  • Eylem Çamuroǧlu Çıǧ (Chair of Digital and Audiovisual Media/Media Studies): “Protest Forms and Media Landscape after Gezi Resistance in Turkey: Multitude, Challenges and Transformations”
  • Joschka Philipps (Africa.Multiple Cluster)/Armel Zerbo (Université SWISS UMEF, Burkina Faso): “Fluid Ontologies of Contestation. Interdisciplinary approaches to online protest” (online)
  • Michel Jungwirth (Promotionskolleg für Intersektionalitätsstudien): „Social movement learning spaces“
  • Mihir Sharma (BIGSAS): “Crisis and Temporality in Climate Change Activism in Germany”
  • Laura Krehbiel (MA EIMAS): “Digital Climate Activism in the Global South – Narratives, Framings and Identity in Uganda's Climate Movement” (online)
  • Jan Sändig (Chair for Sociology of Africa): “How Chinese mining projects in Africa become contested”

Photo © duncan cumming, flickr

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