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Dr.in Maria Ketzmerick: Neue Publikation


Book The United Nations Trusteeship System

Wir gratulieren unserer wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiterin Dr.in Maria Ketzmerick zur Publikation des von ihr, Jan Lüdert und Julius Heise herausgegebenen Buches "The United Nations Trusteeship System - Legacies, Continuities, and Change". Das Einleitungskapitel stammt ebenfalls von Dr.in Maria Ketzmerick und den beiden Mitherausgebern. Zudem hat Dr.in Maria Ketzmerick zu dem Sammelband das Kapitel "A Colonial War Under UN Supervision? The Trusteeship System and the Silenced War in Cameroon" beigetragen.

Abstract des Buches:
This book considers the past and present legacies, continuities and change of the United Nations Trusteeship System by assessing consequences and legacies of decolonization in contemporary society, international organizations and international politics. International contributors address the UN Trusteeship System as a venue for multiple state and non- state actors and its effect on the international system. Rather than viewing UN trusteeship as a bygone phenomenon, the volume underscores its current relevance, particularly in view of the recent resurgence of trusteeship models such as in Kosovo and East Timor. Offering a novel and robust, yet simple and intuitive analytical framework through which to understand a broad
                                             range of cases related to the Trusteeship System and its impact on the international system, the
                                             book places emphasis on the agency of states in the Global South and highlights the
                                             importance of multiple actors in global governance. It will be of interest to scholars of
                                             international relations theory and history in a variety of fields, ranging from African Politics to
                                             Intergovernmental Organizations and Comparative Politics.

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